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Thank You for Visiting My website. You are here because you are interested in some facet of  VoiceOvers. If your looking to hire Voice Talent or looking to break into the industry, feel free to contact me.

     I have been working in this industry for 12+ years.
My partial client list:
Nike Inc. /East Bay, US Dept of Homeland Security,  Toyota SWAC Football Championship Promo, Smirnoff Distilleries, WorldMark Wyndham, Remington Park Casino,
Neural Potential Neuro-Science. Ink Ur Bod (Cairns, UK), NuCor Steel, CleverBinder: Warranty App.
 S2 Games (Heroes of NewEarth and Strife):Heroes of NewEarth- Fu Lion, Gemini Strife- Bo The BullMonk, 
Panda Premium Assistance,  Bank Of Nevis,
Corporate Health, Installation Instructional Discs (Acura Aftermarket Navigation Interface Devices)
Christ Family Church, All-State Logistics LLC (Refrigerated Delivery/Shipping)
UniMed International ("T-Gen" Male Supplements) and Omni Media to name a few.

    I have completed work on several Radio and TV Commercials in and outside of the Continental US to include Isreal, Canada, The Bahamas, The U.K., Puerto Rico....just to name a few. I have a talented Support staff that enjoy working  in music and different forms of media creation. I am able to access resources for any project
      I realize the power of video in todays Marketing arena, and when  properly done will capture and hold the attention of your potential client.
***Faith has Brought me This Far!***
Jerome Cannon, JD Cannon, VoiceOver

Jerome D. Cannon


  From the moment I embarked into this VoiceOver Journey, I have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people and Organizations.
  Delaware Valley Baptist Church
  D. Berry-Meka Graphics/
                                     MekaFilmz LLC
  Dante' Colluccio- Music Mentor
  David Delissa Independent Consultant
  Chuck McKibbin (VoiceOver Island)
 "Sir Jay" for Cruisin' 92.1FM Vineland NJ
   and a host of others who have trained, assisted,
   supported and inspired.

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